Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"four walking tours of modern architecture in new york city" by louise huxtable, 1961

-unparalleled visual drama

-it is a system of design and assembly that has proved eminently exploitable, producing an unimaginative set of cliches

-The pre-eminent client for this new architecture has been the large corporation for whom modern design a Park Avenue address are prestige factors of the first order.

-large open pedestrian areas

-trend setting tower

-extravagant and exuberant

-Although this calculated unconventionality often stretches creative imagination to the breaking point, the results are notable in a field marked by increasing standardization of design.

-trend toward impressively designed business building lobbies

-the design is an efficient but routine solution

-If the insistence on this bare simplicity was overstrict, it succeeded in its purpose of re-establishing sensitivity to the important basic elements of architecture -- the wall, the frame, the nature of materials, and the proper relationship of the essential parts of the whole.

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