Thursday, July 7, 2011

A floorless room without walls

I am super excited about being in the current show at The Lab, "A floorless room without walls," curated by Chris Fitzpatrick and Marcella Faustini.

Similar to most of my projects, but especially true in this case, my piece, "Architecture on architecture," is hard to document. It is best experienced at The Lab, relating to the other works in this artfully considered show. But, for those who can't visit, here is my best shot:

There also was a review of the show in The SF Weekly.

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n.macrae said...

I like this work, Emma. The photos tell a pretty good story, though I might be deceived about the scale of it. I was just thinking about the portable holes in old Looney Tune cartoons the other day. Portable wormholes? This is more food for those thoughts. Thanks!